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Welcome to SW:SotU's Shoutbox!
Before Using the CBOX, Please be sure to read and follow All of the
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» Advanced Shoutbox Rules
The Force
 Posted: Dec 17 2011, 12:13 PM
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Disclaimer: By using the Guests-Cbox, you agree to follow the rules of not only the board but the cbox as well, and to adhere to the advice of the staff that may be given while you're on. Remember that the usage of the cbox is NOT a right, but it is a privledge, and as such can and will be taken away if it is abused.

1) - Since this is a shoutbox that is set aside for guests to use, we ask that it be kept clean of any IC or OOC chatter,. This shoutbox is designated primarily for new guests or other members of the board to contact the staff if they have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

2) - R.E.S.P.E.C.T. As is it is also the main rule of the board, it is the main rule of the cbox as well. We ask that you show respect for your fellow role players, guests of the board, and most especially the staff members while you are using the cbox. Disrespect of anyone, most especially the staff will not be tolerated lightly.

3) - The Cbox has a rating of PG-13, and as such we ask that it is kept that way.
  • 3.1 - Because we have a PG-13 rating for the cbox, we ask that nothing of a sexual or adult nature is placed on the cbox. This includes, but is not limited to: Pornography (links), Sexual Talk, anything of a sexual nature, anything violent or anything that can be mistaken as a threat.
  • 3.2 - We also ask that anything regarding drugs or anything that can be strewed as offensive are not talked about on the cbox, period.
3) - If flaming, fighting, or arguing is found on the cbox, than it will be taken seriously, whether it was a joke or not. It will result in a banning from both the cbox & posting, whether or not you have recieved any warnings prior to the event.

4) - As the box is there for everyone to use and to enjoy, we do not want anything placed on the cbox that can upset or rile anyone else into a fight, whether or not it is a friendly debate or not, we do not want such things on there. This includes anything regarding religion, politics, or anything of a sensitive nature.

5) - The cbox will automatically ban anyone that continuously spams the cbox. The staff will warn against this, but will not remove a ban if it happens to you, until 24 hours after it occurs.

6) - While The staff does not mind links of pictures or youtube being placed on the cbox, we ask that links to other boards, especially RPG boards are not placed on the cbox. Advertising another RPG site will not be allowed on the box either, and will result in the deletion of the link, as well as any advertisements on the board.


Regarding the CBOX


When it comes to breaking the rules on the cbox, the Staff (G-Mods or Admins) will judge the severity of the rules being broken, and will act on their own best judgments. While most simple offenses will usually result in just a verbal warning, other more severe ones may be taken more seriously, and may result in a more serious punishment. For most of offenses you will be verbally warned, via pm or over a private messenger, with the most being 3 warnings.

After the final verbal warning, you will begin to receive a timed temporary banning from the cbox starting with one hour. More time will be added with each offense. Offenses here may also count as warnings for the board as well, and as such may affect your ability to post on the board. Each member has 6 offenses total (after their 3 verbal warnings) before serious punishment may be given, including suspending accounts for longer than a month, even up to a permanent banishment from the site.

A list of the consequences are as follows:
    - 1st Offense: 1 Hour Ban from Cbox
    - 2nd Offense: 6 hour ban from Cbox + 12 hour ban from posting
    - 3rd Offense: 12 hour Ban from the cbox + 1 day ban from posting
    - 4th Offense: 1 Day Ban from the cbox + 1 week ban from posting
    - 5th Offense: 1 - 2 week ban from cbox + 2 Week ban from posting + Suspension of account(s) for a two week period.
    - 6th Offense: Permanent Ban from Cbox + 1 Month Suspension of all accounts & Possibility of Banning from the site.
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